Plan a Fundraiser!

The Tower has helped to organize and support dozens of fundraisers and community events over the years. Whether you are raising funds for a friend or family member in need, supporting a local sports team or organization, or donating to a charity, the Tower can accommodate your cause!

We can help you plan and market your event to optimize your fund-raisings. We will work diligently with you to ensure a perfect evening and a great time for your guests. We offer food and drink services, music or personalities to keep your guests entertained, and trained staff on hand to assist with the evening.

Fundraisers can include a Nightlife Event, Auction, Dinner-and-a-show, Bingo Night, or Celebrity or Athlete appearance.

We can offer up to 15% of the evening's profits to your fundraiser, and help you set up and organize raffles, auctions, etc. Anything is possible!

Fundraising Submission